How to choose a power bank usb charger in 2021

Вам требуется внешний аккумулятор? Мы сделали для вас небольшую подборку хороших, на наш взгляд моделей, которые отлично зарекомендовали себя как среди покупателей, так и среди экспертов. Our Top-5 of portable battery usb charger Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro 20000 – excellent portable usb power bank charger from a well-known manufacturer Such a Power Bank […]

How to choose the best quick charge power bank for Samsung

When choosing a portable charger, many buyers are guided solely by capacity. Fortunately, for the overwhelming majority of devices to work properly, a voltage of 5V and a current of 2A are enough, but this does not mean that you can buy the first external battery that comes across. Our ranking of the best power […]

OtterBox Fast Charge Power Bank Battery and Lightning to USB-C Cable Review

OtterBox is a world renowned company specializing in the production of external batteries and accessories for smartphones. When you hear the mention of OtterBox, the first thing you think of is the rugged Defender cases – these are perhaps the company’s most famous products. But did you know that durability isn’t just about covers? OtterBox […]

Anker power bank fast charge

Anker is one of the world’s most renowned companies in the design and manufacture of external power banks. A distinctive feature of all the company’s products is the excellent build quality, which can outperform most of the world’s brands. How to classify the Anker fast charging power bank? Almost all power banks manufactured by Anker […]

How to choose fast charge power bank for iPhone

Looking for the best fast charging power bank for iPhone x or iPhone 11? So that you don’t get confused when choosing a battery, we reviewed several of the best, in our opinion, and popular models of power banks. All of them have different capacities and functions, because we collected them not by the size […]

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