Anker power bank fast charge

Anker power bank

Anker is one of the world’s most renowned companies in the design and manufacture of external power banks. A distinctive feature of all the company’s products is the excellent build quality, which can outperform most of the world’s brands.

How to classify the Anker fast charging power bank?

Almost all power banks manufactured by Anker can be roughly divided into 4 main groups.

The first group is the most expensive external Anker fast charging power bank intended primarily for charging flagship smartphones from Apple, Sumsung and Xiaomi. With these rechargeable batteries, you can charge your device to half in just half an hour using the USB-C to Lightning cable.

The second group is batteries that can be charged exclusively via micro-USB (not via USB-C).

The third group is power banks that can be charged using both USB-C and micro-USB cables. However, they cannot charge your device via USB-C, so they are not suitable for fast charging newer models of smartphones.

The fourth group is rechargeable batteries, which have only micro-USB. Their use does not imply the possibility of fast charging in principle. Therefore, they are the cheapest and are only suitable for owners of old smartphone models and for people who do not need fast charging in principle.

Anker portable charger reviews

Let’s start with the negative reviews about Anker products. The bulk of negative reviews comes down to not very successful device design.

Indeed, you are unlikely to find design excesses with Anker external batteries. On the one hand, this makes the products a little cheaper, because the manufacturer does not need to spend a lot of money to develop an abundance of extraordinary solutions. On the other hand, connoisseurs of design novelties do not always like this.

In general, Anker power banks look like … ordinary power banks. Apparently, Anker believes their power banks are designed to charge smartphones, not to be exhibits in a museum.

But as for the positive Anker portable charger reviews, users massively note the reliability of the devices in the first place. Whichever category you choose your power bank from, you can be sure that it will serve you for a long time.

For example, popular batteries begin to lose capacity after less than a year of use, withstanding no more than 200-300 cycles. And Anker batteries easily surpass 500 complete cycles without loss.

Anker’s strength is also in the power of the USB connectors of their portable batteries. If an unnamed battery from China can barely deliver 2.5 A to all connected devices, Anker branded power banks issue up to 3 A per output!

Anker power bank quick charge 3.0

Anker power bank

If you are looking for a good quality Anker power bank that supports the 3.0 charging standard, then we can recommend the ANKER PowerCore 10000 Quick Charge 3.0. This is not the cheapest model, but good is never cheap.

This is a solid and not at all cheap medium-capacity battery. The dimensions are small, the weight is more than that of the phone, 170 grams, but it is not particularly felt in the pocket of the bag. The device is very simple, there is only one input and one output. Not rich, but the output can deliver up to 2.4A at a voltage of 5V. That is, this powerbank copes well not only with capacious batteries of advanced smartphones, but can also charge tablets. In addition, Anker power bank quick charge 3.0 supports fast charging.

The capacity, which the manufacturer stated, this battery really has – I can fully charge my smartphone three times. Self-discharge is small, the built-in indicator of the amount of charge helps to verify this. Unlike cheap Chinese batteries, which have a 1-6 month warranty, here the manufacturer promises at least a year and a half of trouble-free operation.

In the line of power banks of this series, there are also more capacious ones, for example, at 20,000 mAh. However, such a model will cost about 1.7 times more.


You have to pay for quality. Anker fast charge power bank is a device that will serve you for many years, but will also cost accordingly. If you prioritize build quality over low price or design overkill, Anker power banks may be your best bet.

Anker power bank fast charge
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