Best power bank fast charge in 2021

An external battery, or Power Bank, helps to charge a mobile phone, tablet, or even a laptop without access to a fixed power supply. Which model to choose and what to look for?

First of all, they pay attention to the capacity and performance of the device, its compatibility with a specific type of gadget, as well as the dimensions of the battery, because it will have to be constantly carried with you.

To make a rating of the best portable batteries in terms of price / quality ratio, we analyzed data on purchases of Power Bank for 2021, took into account owners’ reviews and expert recommendations.

Also, the official test data were taken into account, so each external battery from this collection definitely deserves the attention of users.

How to choose a power bank with fast charge?

When choosing an external battery to charge your gadgets, there are several important parameters that you need to clarify before buying such a device:

Capacity level. For power-hungry devices like a laptop, it is better to give preference to batteries with a capacity of at least 10,000 mAh. In general, the capacity should be selected based on how many full charges you may need in the intervals when the wall outlet is not available. If you usually do not go out into the countryside with tents and you do not need a supply of energy for several days, you can get by with 1-2 charges. This will be enough for you all day. If the outlet may not be available for several days, it is worth considering purchasing a model with a large supply of energy.

Output voltage. The minimum indicator sufficient to recharge the phone is 5 V. For laptops and tablets, higher ratings are required – from 9 to 20 V. In this case, be sure to keep in mind that if you charge several devices at the same time, then the power will be divided between them. That is, in most cases, if you connect two or more devices, then they will charge twice as long as one.

Number of power bank fast charging output. Most portable chargers have one connector, but if you need to charge several small devices, more are better.

Compatibility. Make sure the input voltage required to charge your digital devices matches the output voltage of the external charger model. This is an important parameter, since if the output voltage does not match, the lowest value will be taken into account.

Dimensions and weight. As a rule, powerful and capacious devices are larger and weigh more. Keep in mind that the most capacious devices will not fit in your jeans or shorts pocket. Think in advance in what you will wear the power bank in the summer.

External design. If the classic design of a power bank with laconic geometric lines seems boring to you, you can choose a battery of a more interesting shape, or in a bright color.

Additional functions. In some devices, manufacturers “hide” useful options, such as a solar battery, LED flashlight, battery level indicator, card-reader, etc.

Fast charging. Charging speed is one of the most important indicators if you plan to charge your device other than at night. The Best portable power bank for iPhone on Amazon can charge your smartphone up to 50% in about half an hour. This can be important if your smartphone is using too much power and you need to recharge it quickly throughout the day.

TOP-5 of the best power bank with fast charging support by price / quality for 2021

In 2021, a fairly large selection of external batteries is presented on the electronics market, but this selection includes only the best models from trusted brands.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro 10000 – best power bank fast charge

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro 10000

A high-quality external battery from a well-known electronics manufacturer is equipped with all the necessary functions for full operation.

The device is equipped with a 10,000 mAh lithium polymer battery, and two USB ports allow you to charge two devices at the same time.

The kit includes a USB-C cable, with which you can charge not only Xiaomi smartphones, but also other mobile devices and even tablets and MacBooks.

The same cord is used to recharge the mobile battery itself.

In comparison with other external batteries of the same capacity, this model has a reduced body thickness and reduced weight. This makes the device very convenient to carry with you, even in a small bag.

Another feature of the model is the automatic detection of the type of connected device. The external battery automatically identifies the type of connected gadget and makes safe and fast charging.

In addition, the user can independently change the charging duration and amperage.

Due to this, the model can be used to recharge wireless headphones, fitness bracelets and other gadgets that are sensitive to high voltage.


• capacity 10000 mAh;

• maximum current strength 2 A;

• weight 223 grams.

• thin, but high-quality case, resistant to mechanical damage; • there is a fast charging function; • automatically detects the type of connected device; • stylish design and compact body; • excellent build quality.• not very informative light indication; • no cover included.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 30000 – power bank with fast charging support

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3

This powerful external battery from a well-known brand will become an indispensable assistant for those who are often on the road.

The manufacturer has specially designed the device in such a way that it can be used to charge several gadgets at once.

The capacity of the power bank itself is 30 thousand mAh, and three connectors at once expand the scope of the gadget.

These technologies will help to do without connecting a stationary power supply for 10 days.

Despite the fact that the device was originally created for fast and autonomous charging of Xiaomi gadgets, it is equipped with universal ports, so it can be used to recharge the battery of any other mobile device.

Additionally, the model has a smart charging function. In practice, this means that the device independently detects the type of connected electronics and sets the optimal charging duration and suitable amperage.

The manufacturer also took care of the duration of the Power Bank’s operation. It is equipped with high temperature, short circuit and overload protection.

The compact size and weight allow you to always carry the battery with you without the fear that it will take up too much space in your bag or backpack.


• capacity 30,000 mAh;

• voltage 9 V;

• maximum current strength 3.6 A.

• supports fast charging function; • you can charge several gadgets at the same time; • durable body, resistant to mechanical damage; • compact dimensions combined with a large capacity; • reliable proven manufacturer.  • not always on sale; • some users complain about the lack of information content of the light indication.  

INTERSTEP PB10DQi PRO – good power bank with fast charge


The stylish external battery has an original design, a wide selection of colors and advanced functionality that allows you to use it to recharge various mobile devices.

In fact, a power bank is a powerful docking station to which you can connect a variety of electronic devices for quick recharging.

The case provides several connectors at once, and the increased capacity is enough to charge several gadgets at the same time.

The body is made of high quality plastic. It is glossy, so you need to handle the device carefully so that no scratches and chips appear on it.

Charge indicators are placed on the case, which will notify the user when it is time to recharge the device itself.

In addition, the device supports fast charging, although this does not apply to all gadgets, but only to mobile devices of certain brands.

To make it convenient for the future owner to use an external battery, the set includes a wall charger, an external battery and a docking station.


• weight 230 grams;

• capacity 10000 mAh;

• maximum current strength 3 A.

• stylish and original design; • advanced functionality; • it is convenient to charge several smartphones at the same time; • plastic body is pleasant to the touch; • there is a fast charging function• the case is easily scratched; • no USB cable included.  

Baseus Mini JA 30000 mAh – capacitive fast charge powerbank

Baseus Mini JA 30000 mAh

Despite the fact that this external battery is very compact, its capacity of 30 thousand mAh is enough to charge one or even several devices on a business trip or trip.

The device is equipped with a fast charging function, so it will take very little time to recharge the battery of your mobile device. In total, the case provides 3 input and output connectors for charging gadgets and the external battery itself.

Another feature of the device is the increased strength of the case, which provides resistance to mechanical damage.

The model is presented in two colors (white and black), so each user will choose a model to their liking.

In addition, the capacity of the device is sufficient not only to charge smartphones and tablets, but also laptops.

On the side of the power bank, there are LED indicators that display the current charge level.

Each of them corresponds to 25%, so the user will be able to control the process of discharging the external battery and will be able to put it to recharge in time.


• capacity 30,000 mAh;

• voltage 5 V;

• maximum current 3 A.

• increased capacity; • a large number of ports allow you to charge several devices at the same time; • democratic cost; • durable and pleasant to the touch body is resistant to mechanical damage; • power bank has fast charging output.• slowly charges the laptop; • too simple design.  

Samsung EB-U1200 – a decent device from a well-known manufacturer

best quick charge power bank for Samsung

This power bank features a discreet design and comes in two body colors: delicate pink and neutral gray.

But the functionality of the device deserves much more attention. The device has a built-in wireless charger that allows you to charge smartphones or tablets without a direct connection.

The user just needs to put the gadget on the Power Bank case, and charging will start automatically.

The device has a built-in USB port. In combination with wireless charging, it allows you to recharge the battery in two devices at the same time.

Additionally, the device has a fast charging function, which allows you to quickly replenish the battery of your mobile device. A USB Type-C cable is provided.

Another distinctive feature of the model is the presence of a light indicator on the case.

It will notify the user how much charge is left in the battery. The weight of the device itself is just over 200 grams, so it can be easily carried in a backpack or purse.


• capacity 10000 mAh;

• maximum current strength 2 A;

• weight 234 grams.

• attractive design combined with high-quality assembly; • there are fast and wireless charging functions; • compact dimensions make it easy to carry; • can charge two devices at the same time; • Suitable for charging smart watches.• inaccurate charge indicator; • no black model.  

We hope that this small review will be useful to you and, at least now you know about the criteria to which you should pay attention first of all, in particular, the criterion of fast charging, and you also know which power banks it makes sense to pay attention in 2021. True, the year has just begun, and it is quite possible that by the middle or by the end of the year, new worthy models appear. In this case, we will definitely review them so that you know exactly how to choose the best fast charge power bank.

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